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i am an elgon color specialist and dimensional color expert with an eye for balayage and love to color melt. my goal is to make you feel relaxed and pretty while teaching you the best way to care for your beautiful hair.



The atmosphere is great and Liz always takes her time in making her clients hair come out great. I have very thick hair so it takes forever and  she is patient and always makes it look amazing.   


 Jessica J.

LA Styles-- you're the best! All of the hairdressers greet me when I come in, and you feel so welcomed! My hairdresser Sara continues to amaze me at how talented she is. She is so skilled with thick hair and Balayage. I am so sleep deprived from a nine month old teething baby but my hair has never looked better! Thank you Liz the owner, Sara and the others for giving me a pick me up.


Gabrielle C.

There is a pandemic out there but special people carry on... I rank important things this way... my family, my friends, people in need, hurt animals and MY OWN HAIR.  What I can tell you, as one who REALLY cares, this salon is AMAZING! I've been coming here for a long time and never lacked for compliments on my colored, highlighted hair or the cut. But I would have never have expected what happened during safe, curb side support for my hair crisis during the pandemic. To understand the depth of service at thus salon I need to take a step back. Liz the owner is a perfectionist when it comes to hair. I've traveled in my professional career and been "forced" to sit in other salons for styling for public events. Very high profile stylist have complimented my hair saying its a "work of art" Liz, the owner of this small, comfortable, boutique salon, is an unassuming master of her craft. So I had high expectations for care when I came to get my custom-prepared color kit in the midst of the pandemic but nothing prepared me for her ability to remember all things I SPECIFICALLY needed... that I have allergy's, that I need specific products and tools, in the midst of all the craziness, she did everything possible to make it easy and safe process FOR ME. Small business owners are suffering... lets make sure that those with kind hearts and very special skills survive. You'll love it here just don't take my apportionment or I'll track you down... :-)                                                         

Kathy F.


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